The FMCG industry is considered to be the fourth largest sector in the Indian market. From food to beverage and household to personal care it has everything that the general mass needs. Kapilahas just launched four amazing brands under it’s newly discovered FMCG wing.

KapilaShuddh– The brand houses the entire range of Pure Spices, whole spices blend masala spices, Flours ( Atta, Sooji, Maida, dahlia), Tea varieties houses the shuddh brand. These varieties are freshly made with pure & high quality grains that add richness and nourishment to the meal preparations

KapilaShraddha– Consumers are quite particular in choosing religious products. Kapila’s Shraddha has everything from Agarnbatti,Dhoop to Hawan Samagri. The brand has got different varieties of Agarbatti like Pooja Agarbatti, Floral Agarbatti, and even Masala. Dhoop has also different choices for the consumers.

KapilaSwachha– As the name resemblance, the brand has got everything to do with cleanliness. From Klin powder to pick bar,Swachha has all kinds of detergent, soaps, washing powders for your daily wash.

KapilaSaundariya– The brand completely deals with different beauty products for both men and women. Some of them are Lime soap, Aloe Vera face cream, neem, turmeric face wash, lemon honey body cleanser and much more. A complete research on these products has been done so that it suits all the skin types and is skin friendly.