Basic Blend

(Punjabi chole, sabzi, rajmah, shahi, dhal, jaljeera, chaat, pav bhaji, sambhar, raita masala, super garam, panipuri masala, garam masala)
Blend spices are an outcome of beautiful combinations of various spices, condiments and herbs in perfect proportions, which are ground and packed immediately, to contain the freshness & goodness of the blend. Every ingredient combination is chosen based on the cuisine it is used for, so that it connects emotionally to the food that is prepared out of it.
These blend spices can be used to make multiple recipes such as Rajmah masala to mix with chawal, the authentic Punjabi Chole Masala, a simple home-made panipuri for the evening, a refreshing jaljeera drink or a steaming sambar from the south. Our Indian preparations are very close to our heart, and when cooked with our specialized blended spices, it will definitely bring that emotional connection in the meal that’s served to you. Some of our authentic blend spice range includes the basic blends that can be used for regular cooking, special Punjabi blend spices for specialty preparations and unique non-vegetarian blends which have been carefully combined for meat & chicken based preparations.

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